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You get to experience both modern life and the traditional set up that complete the traveling experience.

Who We Are

We are a traveling blog dedicated to offering reliable and factual information about this modern City in the Asian continent.
We want to popularise the City to be on the global map as a tourist destination.
Not because of the commercial gain but because it’s a place with unlimited things and places ideal for a tourist.
It’s the joy of every tourist to have a travel guide to smoothen the traveling process such that they now concentrate on the fun things the country has to offer rather than looking for the right information.
We simplify the traveling anxiety and allow you to have fun moments when out there as a tourist.

Since it’s a place commonly affected by typhoons, we give you travel advisories to ensure you enjoy your stay.
That means you need to visit during the sunny days (May- November).

We also give you information on the dos and don’ts and areas that may be risky for your stay and visit at a particular time.
We liaise with entrepreneurs to give them feedback on areas they need improvement, such that when we talk about the area on our site, you are sue of factual and relevant information.


Our mission is to educate you on the places and sites you need to visit in this modern City.

 We want you to have a peaceful and memorable experience while in this vibrant town.

 The undocumented places and tourist attractions are all found on our site.


We want to put Metro Manilla on the global map. We do this through civic education and site sponsorship for the world to know awesome things they can do in this unpopular country in the globe.

David C. Rosa

David C. Rosa, the founder of this site, is a traveling enthusiast. The Spanish nationality takes pride in visiting all the continents in his lifetime.

He is particular about Filipino because of the kind of service and kindness from the Filipino people.
He vowed to spread the word through the site on the need for people to enjoy the beauty and hospitality in this country, specifically the Metro Manila City.

The undocumented places and tourist attractions are all found on our site.

Our team of dedicated staff members is here to provide advice and answers to inquiries concerning your tours and visits.


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