8 Fun Things to Do in Manila for the Whole Family

Situated on the eastern Manila Bay shore, Manila is the Philippines capital. The bayside city is ranked second as the most highly-urbanized and populous city in the country.

The Pasig River flows across the city, dividing it into north and south Manila. The city is also made up of 16 administrative districts.

Lying on the Luzon Island, the bayside city is densely-populated and beams with a mix of modern skyscrapers and colonial Spanish architecture. At the heart of Old Manila is a walled colonial city known as Intramuros.

A former military prison, Fort Santiago, the 16th century baroque San Agustin Church, and a storied citadel call Manila home.

Manila enjoys the tropical savanna climate with close proximity to the equator. With a temperature range of 190C to 390C, the city is mostly hot throughout the year. It also experiences high humidity levels.

Whether you’re planning a vacation to Manila alone or with your family, there’re lots of fun things to do. Here’re a few activities to get you started on your exploration of the Philippine city:

  • Go on a cruise of the Manila Bay

Board a dinner cruise to catch a glimpse of the orange and red hues of sunset when visiting Manila. Apart from the breathtaking views of the Manila Bay and its surrounding areas, you’ll enjoy an exceptional buffet dinner and lots of live entertainment the Manila-way.

There’s no better way to explore the quieter side of the bay away from restaurants, vendors and other busy city life. Meditate as you view the beautiful blue skies and feel the calming waves hit your skin.

  • Explore history at the local park

The 59-hectare Rizal or Luneta Park is a national park that attracts friends, family and couples. The famous Jose Rizal monument stands at the front of the park.

Statues of people who fought for Independence of Philippines and the tallest flagpole in the country are found at the park. Jose Rizal and many martyrs were executed at the park, making it an important historical attraction.

Explore this park to learn about important milestones in the history of Philippines. You’ll also enjoy spending time at the venue even if you’re not a history lover.

  • Watch the beautiful sunset at the natural port

Roxas Boulevard’s Manila Bay is popular for street food and long walks. Take a walk along the street from the north towards the south. Buy some snacks to energize yourself for the walk. You’ll find roasted corn on the cob, boiled peanuts and other tasty street food.

Begin your walk in the late afternoon to enjoy the great weather and catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset.

  • Watch aquatic life at the oceanarium

The Manila Ocean Park sits behind Rizal Park’s Quirino Grandstand. The largest oceanarium in the Philippines houses over 14,000 sea creatures such as jellyfish and the Humboldt penguins, among other aquatic animals.

Your family is bound to enjoy their time at the oceanarium. They’ll feed penguins, indulge in a mermaid swim experience, engage in underwater diving, and see an encounter between a ray and shark for memorable marine life experience.

  • Go for archery at the Legazpi village

You can also take your family for an archery experience at Kodanda Archery in Metro Manila. Featuring an easy-going environment, the archery is ideal for both amateurs and pros. However, it only has a capacity of 7 people at a time.

The archery provides everything you’ll need to enjoy shooting arrows. Some things you can expect to find at the archery include bows, arrows and archery backstops built for immediate stop of shot arrows.

  • Go shopping at Divisoria

Whether you want to buy clothes, spare trolley wheels, toys, kitchenware, shows, or fine china, you’ll find something interesting at Divisoria. The one-stop shopping venue offers lower prices than malls and allows for price negotiation.

The shopping experience it offers is like no other. Dress modestly when going shopping to avoid attracting the wrong attention. Buy things you’ll bring back home as memorabilia.

  • Join in the search for Escolta, a missing actress

Explore Old Manila through the Manila Who, a walk-driven story aimed at encourage millennials to engage in outdoor activities. Solve the “Tale of the Curse Painting” indoor mystery or the outdoor mystery to find Rose Abad, a missing actress.

The latter and more popular activity involves moving from one building to another. Scheduled to take about 3 hours, participants dress in 1950-themed costumes. Guides who’re part of the mystery will help respond to your concerns.

  • Travel back in time at the Intramuros

The 64-hectare Intramuros was built in 1571 by the Spanish. It was walled with stones to protect its residents (high-society) from foreign invaders.

Various colonial structures and houses, including the San Agustin Church and the site for UNESCO world heritage have stood the test of time despite the multiple natural disasters and wars that affected Manila.

Join a pedicab, bamboo bike, walking or a horse-drawn carriage tour to further explore the city.

Located at the San Luis Plaza, Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant serves mouthwatering native Filipino dishes. They also show traditional dances for endless entertainment.

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