Why work with ASPACE?

The ASPACE concept was born of frustration with shabby and conventional workspaces in Manila. We live in  a dynamic, creative, and vibrant city – you deserve more than some dull grey cubicles, a franchise coffee shop with no power outlets, and imported international serviced offices that imprison you within a box just as you are trying to think outside of one.

The most innovative people gather here. With four deliciously cool venues (actually one has delicious happenings on a regular basis, the Greenbelt _KITCHEN, just saying) and several individually themed workspaces, ATRIBE serves over 250 coworkers each day, and hundreds more for events and meetings rooms. Our events are almost legendary and our service with a smile comes from absolute passion for our innovation community and it’s growing potential.

Manila’s cowork central has become a crossroads for the local and international innovation community.  There is pretty much a space for everyone. Just bring your idea.