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Are you looking for purpose + community + a bazillion ways to make work amazing?

⇣ Three "normals" for us that are "exceptionals" elsewhere


Our team is empowered to assume Responsibilities, lead Projects, and reduce the need to be Told or Tasked. Not everyone can handle the flat hierarchy and the self-determination; we hire the ones who can.


We run cross functional teams with “smarts”. You’ll be great at some things, good at others, not so good at the rest. You’ll get respect and support and coaching, and you’ll offer the same in return. Not everyone can handle the opportunity to grow everyday; we hire the ones who can.


You’ll craft your own job description, figure out your own salary + package, lock in your own schedule, map our your own career, and value your contribution to our business. Not everyone can handle choosing their own path; we hire the ones that can.

⇣ Top reasons why smart people choose us

  • We're BIG. We have more space that all other coworking space Manila combined, a bigger local community, and that size means more options and power for the growing teams who locate with us.
  • We're YOU. We founded this business, we've grown it from a concept, to the first National coworking brand, and we've succeeded in the Philippines - just like the smart teams in our community.
  • We LEAD the way. With the best locations, the longest list of smart services, and the largest cowork community, we are the top-tier choice by a wide margin.
  • We INNOVATE daily. Your success is our goal, and we invest in people, services and facilities to empower our teams to focus on their business.
  • We ROCK. Our exceptional team is empowered to provide solutions, make connections, and establish genuine connections within our community.
  • We don't stop TRYING. Everything is a beta version to us, and we'll constantly evolve with new services, more space, extra value.
  • We are FLEXIBLE to the core. Unconstrained by "international brand guidelines", we are able to listen and bring ideas to life. As Eric Cartman in South Park once proclaimed, "I can do what I waaant".
  • We have MUSCLE. More stable and established than small community spaces, we turn a profit, and that strength makes for a solid base for you and your adventure.

⇣ Eight things you can expect at ASPACE

  • Respect. Our values include mutual respect, and you’ll have it from day one, and more of it as we progress together.
  • Flat structure. We have systems and leaders, yet ideas come from everyone and anyone, with cross-functional teams and bottom-up leadership as standard.
  • Growth. Personal growth is your responsibility, and professional growth is ours. Expect coaching and learning to be a permanent fixture. No-one gathers dust at ASPACE.
  • Fun. Yes we have some incredibly cool offices to work from, and great coworkers to interact with. We also have a ton of team activities from bowling and karaoke to beach parties on Boracay.
  • Purpose. Everyone in the ASPACE team is on a mission to transform the workplace experience, to support innovative rebellions, break down barriers, and elevate the Philippines’ innovation community.
  • Leadership. We have leaders and we have backers. Sometimes they swap. When you are the best person to lead, you’ll lead. And we’ll back you.
  • Transparency. We are straight talkers and open about our missions and challenges, our successes and failures. We expect passion, energy and smarts – we also expect attempts at greatness.
  • Competition. We are leaders in our field and we plan to maintain that lead. We are not afraid of competition, but we approach it ethically and with a passion to build on success to bring the entire sector up a level – after all, our competition is not our direct neighbour, it’s the conventional community that is in need of some new ideas.

⇣ We are talking to you

We are talking to you, driven individuals scouting for account manager jobs, stage crew jobs, or graphic artist jobs in Cebu and Manila. We’re here and we want you.

Why Bother?  There are many reasons to join our team. For starters, ASPACE Philippines is you. We’re ambitious, discerning, and eager to grow as professionals and as people. What better way to work than to be surrounded by like minds?

To be part of a growing brand, we have had the opportunity to watch a community build from a concept that now thrives on great ideas and even greater people.

Our wide range of vacancies gives you a lot of room to explore. Sure, there are other companies with the same open positions. But then again, there’s ASPACE.

Stretching the Meaning of “Flexible”.  We invest in our people as much as we invest in our services and facilities. You have the freedom to choose your own path: lock in your schedule, determine your salary, and craft your own job description. It’s that flexible.

No Pushing, Just Mutual Support. There are many kinds of “smarts,” and we’ll highlight the kind of “smart” you are. You’ll get support and respect from others, and you’ll offer the same. What we look for is the ability to be self-reliant, learn, and grow, which is the best kind of “smart.”

Interested? So Are We. We’ve pushed the envelope and now we want you on board. No pressure, though. Feel free to peruse and see what we’ve got cooked up.

Take on this adventure with us and we promise, we’ll make it hard to leave.



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