You’re in the right place to explore the different PASSPORT Trips we offer across the Philippines. 

Passionate minds on a Trip through innovation success

Grab a _PASSPORT then Trip to a Destination packed with possibilities, connections + know-how. 

⇣ About the Passport program

What is _PASSPORT?

The _PASSPORT Program will take a passionate, entrepreneurial mind on a journey towards innovation success.

We do that by inviting participants to undertake three “trips”. Each trip takes up to three months, and each trip gets progressively more sophisticated.


At the end of each trip is a Destination. Each Destination becomes increasingly more valuable to the aspiring entrepreneur.

With enough Trippers (participants), the ecosystem benefits from more start-ups, more talent, more success.

All Trippers must meet participation criteria, and the majority of Trips require only flexible attendance – you can keep your job and continue to work on your business. Read more on this page about the available _PASSPORT program Trips and the participation criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions ⤸

⇣ Upcoming Bootcamps

No upcoming Bootcamps for now.
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⇣ Talk to a human...

  • Travel wisely

    Travel wisely

    During the beta phase of our _PASSPORT Program it's more of a we'll call you, don't call us kinda thing.

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⇣ Participation Criteria

To join you must:  1. Be awesome,   2. Be innovative,   3. Be invited. ,   4. Pay (or apply for a Scholarship).

⇣ Subscribe to _PASSPORT

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⇣ What are the objectives of _PASSPORT?

Talent exists, and we want to encourage their efforts and showcase their achievements. We do that by guiding participants to Destinations of note, and qualify access to those Destinations by ensuring participants have a Foundation in the topic.

⇣ What are "Trippers"

A Tripper is someone who embarks on a _PASSPORT Trip.

⇣ What is a Destination?

Destinations vary by trips. Destinations provide benefits and advantages for Trippers.

⇣ What are Stopovers?

Stopovers are the array of activities Trippers must participate in in order to get points and qualify for the destination.  The events will feature appearances and discussions with our mentors. We’ll help you build meaningful relationships with other trippers.  These events will range from discussions to purely social.  

⇣ Why should I join the program?

_PASSPORT is open to individuals who may or may not have a startup idea, teams who are only starting out or have been working on a project together, and established businesses who are looking to innovate.
As a Tripper, you will receive the following:
a. Introductions and guidance from A SPACE and its networks
b. Access to our network and knowledge base
c. Gain invaluable insights from some of the smartest minds in the related industry through _WORKSHOPS
d. Mentoring from leading entrepreneurs and industry experts
e. The opportunity to pitch their idea to community members through _BALLIN’
f. Prioritized application to Destinations

⇣ What is the commitment required from Trippers?

Trippers are encouraged to get as many points as possible as each activity is designed to make you or your startup awesomer. Ultimately, the core focus of the program is for you to build relationships with other Trippers, work on your startup and achieve your milestones.

⇣ Can we apply if we are not from Manila?

Yes, but the Stopovers and Destinations will be held in Manila which will require your presence.

⇣ Does everybody from my team need to join _PASSPORT?

We encourage at least two co-founders of your team take a Trip to get the most value out of the program. However, if that is not possible,  it is acceptable for only one founder to attend the program.

⇣ Can I apply and get accepted if I’m a solo founder?

Solo founders are awesome and a little crazy, so yeah, you can apply and get accepted. You may even meet potential co-founders during the Trip!

⇣ How long does _PASSPORT last?

Each trip takes up to three months, and each trip gets progressively more sophisticated. At the end of each trip is a Destination.

⇣ Does A SPACE invest in startups?

A SPACE does not invest in startups, but part of the program is introducing Trippers to investors.

⇣ Will A SPACE provide coworking space to Trippers?

No, A SPACE does not provide coworking space to Trippers.

⇣ Does A SPACE take equity in startups?

No, A SPACE does not take any equity in startups.

⇣ Is my company “too far along” to apply to _PASSPORT?

As long as you’re looking to get into an accelerator or raise a seed round, you likely won’t be considered too far along. As a program, we are constantly talking with other accelerators, angel investors & seed stage VC’s about our investment-ready Trippers. Our philosophy is not to tell you how to build your company, but instead help you connect with the right people who can get you to product/market fit.

⇣ I have a full-time job. Can I still join?

The program experience is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of experienced working professionals.  To get the most out of the program you should expect to spend 4 hours per week.  If you fall behind you will have access to materials after the program is completed.

⇣ Can I attend the Stopovers even if I don’t sign up as a Tripper?

Yes, you may pay-as-you-go.

⇣ What are "Side Trips"?

Side Trips are events outside of A Space that are related to the Trip and may or may not be organized by A SPACE or its partners. Side Trips are educational and are deemed to be beneficial to the trippers. Taking side trips is not required, but they have corresponding bonus points.

⇣ Do I need to attend all Stopovers?

You do not need to attend every stopover.  The program is designed for you to attend 5-6 throughout the 3 month period and accumulate at least 15 points to qualify for the Destinations.

⇣ Are there Program Fees?

Yes. If you have not been granted a scholarship, you must pay the full rate. You may choose to avail the package, which allows you to attend all the stopovers, or to pay-as-you go. For pay-as-you-go trippers, there’s a _PASSPORT fee of P2500 that you must pay in order to be considered as a tripper. Bootcamp participants who choose to take a trip do not have to pay the _PASSPORT fee. Only confirmed trippers are qualified for the first Destination. Points will only be granted to those who have made the payment. If you have attended stopovers prior to paying the package or program fee, those stopovers will not be counted.

⇣ How do we apply?

Each trip has its own application form on its respective page. Or you can contact Kat at aspacemanila.com/connect.

⇣ Can we apply even if we don’t have a prototype/MVP yet?


⇣ Until when can we join the Trip?

The application closes a month after the Trip’s official start date.