Start your day, Coffee

Start your day w/ Coffee

It's not just about the liquid though -We choose suppliers with a purpose, our selection is an exercise in democracy, and our creative minds have inspired other coworking spaces to follow - read on for our top coffee connections to coworking....


_POP UP Picnic at #aspacecebu

One of the many hobbies we keep is getting involved in different gatherings in the country. This weekend, A SPACE will be in Cebu to participate and support "Criss-Crossings: A Craft & Culture Walkabout Bazaar " happening at Crossroads, Cebu, where the next A SPACE location...


The Brave New World of A SPACE

Perhaps Zimmerman’s “the times they are a-changin’,” a cavalier lyric-turned-social-appraisal first uttered in ‘64, is one of pop culture’s most enduring nuggets of human critique. You can pin it on practically anything: fashions, music fads, politics. But also, and maybe most importantly, attitudes: how we...