Meeting Room at _STUDIO Fort for Creative Community

A SPACE to Design

A space to discuss Manila’s Design Dilemmas with artists Dante Dizon, Deejae Paesto + Dan Matutina here at _STUDIO Greenbelt.

Backstory: With the largest coworking community in the country, our members at A SPACE are interested in everything innovative, from industrial design to technology to social impact coffee. I’m often asked to recommend a designer to work on a project, or to explain some of the interior design choices at our A SPACE locations. We’re also fortunate to host some vibrant events on the topics of design (e.g. Graphika Manila), or participate in the creative flow at other spaces (e.g. Adobo Magazine). So instead of trying to write about design in my own words, I texted a few talents in our innovation community to have their say.  – MaMo (Founder)

We all agree that Design is a universal language best spoken through one’s own personal alphabet. Curious as to what exactly goes on inside a designers’ brain when it comes to crafting their masterpiece, we sat down with three Manila designers; Dante, Dan and Deejae to talk about how they do what they do best. “As a designer, what are your challenges and needs when thinking about your next masterpiece?” a question asked to them for which they happily answered in this video.

Just like the 3Ds (Dante, Deejae and Daniel), we show full on support to everyone in the design and creative communities across the country by producing and collaborating with different organizations for _TALKS, _WORKSHOPS, _LABS, plus, simply just providing any space for them to do their thing.

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