Doodle Your Mug: Cebu Edition

For this month’s Spacer Episode (membership activities), We had the first ever doodling session using A SPACE mugs with the different teams in A SPACE Cebu. It’s just one (colorful) way to label our own coffee mugs. 😉 




We gave our spacers the chance to get their creative minds working and personalize their own mugs. After the usual work hours on a Thursday evening, we gathered everyone in the Cozy Corner, provided sketch pads and pens, and left them to create their masterpiece.




Doodles ranged from unique calligraphy works, to sketches of personal characters and interests. Everyone was clearly on focus mode as they showed off their doodling skills. Always knew these awesome spacers have their artsy side.

14115671_509095912629811_417397464341412222_o   13996060_509094942629908_2734111928447266137_o

Proud of their works, our spacers posed for the camera with their awesome personalized mugs. Looking forward to more #SpacerEpisodes here at A SPACE Cebu.





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