Foosball Filipinas Multi-Table Tournament at A SPACE!

Foosball – or Table Football – is kicking off once again in the Philippines and Foosball Filipinas is celebrating the game with tournaments such as the one that took place at A SPACE Manila this August.


Two suit-and-tie clad gentlemen arrived early for the 6PM tournament organized by Foosball Filipinas and hosted by A SPACE Manila.  ‘I was wondering if I can have a look and maybe have feel of the tables that will be used for tonight’s tournament,’ one of the gentlemen asked.

That’s when I realized, we’re going to be witnessing some serious challengers for the table soccer trophy that evening.

The International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) official Garlando and Warrior Foosball tables made its debut at the third Football Filipinas Multi-Table tournament held on August 29 at the A SPACE Greenbelt Gallery. A total of 30 participants registered and participated in the Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles match.

The goal of the game, aside from having fun and the camaraderie, is to make people more aware that we exist and that Foosball is making a comeback. We also aim to look for potential players that can officially represent the Philippines in international competitions.

Butch Francisco, Foosball Filipinas Commissioner and Co-Founder

Guests and players enjoyed free beers, free snacks, and lots of high-fives from new friends made throughout the night.

Alden Adle became the tourney’s Men’s Singles victor, beating Marc Larsen from Denmark and Michael Williams Sr. from the USA. The tandem of  Pao Ilagan and Marcus Larsen, on other hand, won the Men’s Doubles match.

Commissioner Francisco also shared that the next Foosball tournament will be this October at the movie premiere of the Argentinean film ‘The Unbeatables’. Tournament inside a movie theater? Sounds awesome, right? Foosball Filipinas is also looking for more female players to be part of the movement.

Know more about Foosball Filipinas by visiting their official website at for details on how you can sign up and join the next tournament, free of charge.

Check out some of the highlights of the third Foosball Filipinas tournament at the A SPACE Greenbelt Gallery below! We will be posting more photos from the event on our Facebook page soon!


[Update] Here’s the full album posted on our Facebook page: