Check out the highlights of Slate Manila’s successful launch party + first exhibit opening!


On November 14 2014, over 100 guests filled the 5th floor Gallery section of A SPACE Manila for Slate Manila‘s first offering to the art community: NOVUS PRAETERNATURA.

For this particular show, we had the artworks before we had the theme and it worked out very well because we realized that all of our artists worked in surrealism in very different and distinct ways and they were all presenting their reflections of the world in their own way.

‘NOVUS PRAETERNATURA’, which means something between what’s natural and the supernatural, it’s like bringing forth something new which is what they were able to do.

Dani Osmeña, Slate Manila

A  variety of mediums were used by the 10 artists that were chosen for the almost-sold-out show. The works of Jonathan Benitez, Gromyko Semper, Sayid Cedicol, Isobel Francisco, Gao Rezaga, Jared Yokte, Melvin Guirhem, Norlie Meimban, Miko Sandejas, and Josue Mangrobang delighted art enthusiasts, both young and old, who were in attendance that night.

For our first show we felt we wanted to cater into a young audience because we feel like art is something that is hard for young people to see. We realized A SPACE not only cater to younger people but people who would still be interested in the arts. We felt it was really appropriate. [A SPACE] was also really supportive in marketing the event and in helping us create this event.

Bambina Jacinto, Slate Manila

NOVUS PRAETERNATURA‘ exhibit at the A SPACE Manila Gallery, Greenbelt is open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays until December 11 2014. For weekend private viewing, you may contact Slate Manila at 09178173678.

Here are some snaps from the opening night!

More photos from the event will be posted on our Facebook page soon!