Chichimonster’s Alpha Omega Exhibit Opening Night

Visual artist Archie Geotina a.k.a Chichimonster had a very successful opening night for his solo show entitled Alpha Omega A.D.D. last April 16 2015 at the A SPACE Greenbelt _Gallery. The exhibit was curated by Status Magazine and one of our creative coworkers here at A SPACE Manila, Collective 88.

In contrast to his previous work based on social and political commentary, this show takes an introspective look at the artist’s personal and professional struggles.

For the first time in his art, he exhibits these vulnerabilities to ask, “Do you know what it feels like to have the sky fall upon you? To get lost and beat up, burned out, burned up, to be found through heartache knowing you were drawn in?”

He explores the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, of these several encounters, while illustrating the range of emotions- depression, addiction, suicide, fear, hope, and love- in between.

He re-explores these memories to further understand and ask, “What does it take for a person to be where they are today?” Through his own experience, he questions the existentialist aspect of being and considers the human to be its own God. Therefore, in control of his own destiny.

Its own God… but – with Attention Deficit Disorder.

– Collective 88

Notable personalities like designer Rajo Laurel, Eventologist Tim Yap, TV show host Raymond Guttierez, and actors’ Bernard Palanca and Jake Cuenca dropped by to congratulate the artist and to marvel at his masterpiece.

Chichimonter’s ‘Alpha Omega A.D.D.’ exhibit is open to the public. You may drop by A SPACE Greenbelt _Gallery from Mondays until Saturdays from 10AM to 6PM. The exhibit will run until May 19 2015.

Check out some snaps from the opening night!