What happened at the first AngelHack Cebu!

After catching up on sleep from the weekend’s hackathon, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the first ever AngelHack Cebu 2016 held last May 21-22, at A SPACE Cebu!


For a first ever weekend event at A SPACE Cebu for the first ever AngelHack Cebu, no one knew what to expect — except, having a good time! Fresh and excited faces greeted us on a Saturday morning as hackathon enthusiasts started coming in as early as 8 o’clock. Coffee and pastries were served to lessen the morning jitters.


A short introduction and event overview was led by AngelHack Cebu Ambassador and our very own A SPACE Cebu Community_Ace, Regil Cadavos. Everyone was obviously hyped up after meeting potential teammates, brainstorming and preparing for the hacking and coding to officially start.


The hackathon officially started at 1pm, and our hackers wasted no time and got to work right away.


Some of the hackers stayed up all night, downing as much coffee as they can. A friendly game of nerf gun wars popped up every now and then.


Sunday was crucial for all. Judges came in and the pitching demo started at 2pm. All six teams did well, and Stack HRM emerged as the grand prize winner for the first ever AngelHack Cebu.




Over all, the result was more than what we expected. Congratulations to Stack HRM team! Thank you to everyone who participated and dropped by! We couldn’t have asked for a better first hackathon at A SPACE Cebu! Cheers!

 Check out more photos here

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