What The Hack, Cebu?

A lot of firsts are happening for A SPACE Cebu’s first month in the Queen City of the South. Aside from a roster of events organized by A SPACE Cebu, we are also happy to do collaborations, and first up for the month of May is the first ever AngelHack Cebu 2016. 

For AngelHack’s 9th Global Hackathon Series, they believe Anyone. Can. Code. And so do we! For 4 years, more than 250 hackathons have been done in more than 72 cities around the globe. It’s high time we bring it to Cebu!

So, what’s AngelHack, anyway? AngelHack is a female-owned, female-majority company, is the world’s largest and most diverse global hacker community, helping to drive open innovation of tech products, platforms and brands with extraordinary smarts, scale and speed.


Winners and Judges, AngelHack 2015 at A SPACE Greenbelt

And a hackathon? We’ll there’s more to hacking that meets the eye. It’s more than just coding –but building  a technology that will have a positive impact on the world, people, or environment, or anything under the sun! The sky is the limit!


AngelHack 2015 at A SPACE Gallery



MaMo, CEO +  Founder of A SPACE Philippines + Ian Chong of AngelHack at A SPACE Greenbelt, AngelHack 2015.

Putting that together,  joining an AngelHack hackathon, you are becoming part of a global, connected community of coders, innovators, and changemakers. Beyond that, an AngelHack hackathon will give you the opportunity to work with other like-minded individuals, the chance to learn some new skill sets, get some awesome swags and one of the best parts of hackathons, awesome food, and LOTS of it. A hackathon is nothing without tons of food!

Angelhack 2016_

If that has not got you pumped up yet, maybe this video of AngelHack 2015 will!

So, let’s make AngelHack Cebu an awesome one! Register now at AngelHack Cebu, RSVP on our Event Page  and see you on May 21-22, 2016 at A SPACE Cebu! 

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