Events at A SPACE, April Ablaze 2016

Our A SPACE Philippines April 2016 Events Calendar is looking bright and burning HOT this year – you shouldn’t miss any of it.  Here’s our line-up. Drop by and say hi!

First from the list is _STAGE! We’re having three shows this month: Mindfool by mental assassin Justin Pinon, Dope Loco’s Eye Wide Shut Burlesque (although, this is their last show at our _GALLERY. So if you haven’t seen this, now is your chance), and Open Spoken: Bayan — everyone is welcome to watch! It’ll be fun! For the tech side, we’ll be having a _MIXER: HackerNest Manila at _PALET and our annual _HACKATHON: Angelhack at _GALLERY  — Good luck, hacker friends!


Now we hop off to a colorful Food and Lifestyle, we’ll be having a meet-up with Muni PH about “Mindful Life + Work”. They also have an ongoing _POP UP at A SPACE Greenbelt. — Come say hi! We also have good news for all you morning persons out there… Creative Mornings is back! Yay! We’re sure most of you already know when and where it’s usually held, but for those who doesn’t yet, it happens every last Friday morning of the month at _GALLERY. So, coffee with a side of creative ideas, anyone?


And of course, how can we forget about our _ACOUSTIC nights? Being the music-lover that we are, we decided to end this month by doing _ACOUSTIC: Summer Sessions — perfect for this sunny season!  These are just some of the highlights from our April 2016 events in Makati. Everyone is welcome to join and say hello!  


Follow A SPACE Philippines on  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for event updates. For inquires and reservations, email [email protected] or visit us, look for Micah/Dino. Cool? See ya!