Coco Torre’s Café Manila Sold Out on Opening Night!

All 17 paintings have been sold out at the successful opening night of Coco Torre’s solo exhibit, ‘Café Manila’!

On February 17, Coco Torre officially launched his first solo exhibit entitled ‘Café Manila’ showcasing 17 of his best paintings. Torre’s collection of artworks for this show is a satirical commentary on wealth and poverty, the state of living, and the political scene in Manila.

Driven by the works of Picasso and Monet, the artist’s masterpieces are a fusion of Filipino + European influences. He viewed the exemplified beauty of Manila architecture and  life and he knew that its beauty can be enhanced, as depicted on his works. He married more than two cultures and two different classes: the unity of wealth + poverty.

Not only did Torre had a successful exhibit launch, he also celebrated his 27th birthday on the same day! Watch this short clip as the artist talks about the inspiration behind his works featured in the ‘Café Manila’ exhibit!


Check some snaps from Coco Torre’s ‘Café Manila’ exhibit opening mixer below!

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Coco Torre’s ‘Café Manila’ exhibit will run until March 13 at the A SPACE _Gallery! It is open to y’all from Mondays to Saturdays, 9PM to 6PM!