Capoeira Tuesdays at the _Gallery!

Learn the chant + moves the Capoeira way!

Join us every Tuesday at our _Gallery for Capoeira classes facilitated by Capoeira Angola Ecamar Philippines!

Capoeira Angola Ecamar Philippines’ Isabela Corpuz, Faline Sano, Jay Benedicto, Paulo Mantuano, and Jacque Cruz will teach you Capoeira basics at the A SPACE _Gallery!

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that started in the 16th century and has now evolved into a fierce martial art disguised as a dance. It conveys an artistic portrayal of combat with movements that are commanded by traditional songs and instruments. It is a game of strategy where the fighters play within the space of the Roda (circle), in accordance with the rhythm of the music played in the Bateria (orchestra).

Each session will teach you the basic movement, music, and Brazilian-Portuguese language classes. The routine is an extensive form of exercise that enhances physical strength, agility, and endurance. For more information about the classes and schedules here at A SPACE Manila, shoot them an e-mail at [email protected]!