_TALKS: Growing Pains by David Elefant

A SPACE invited business expert David Elefant to discuss the growing pains and gains of starting a company for this month’s edition of the _TALKS series.

Watch the live broadcast of the _TALK!

A SPACE Manila is honoured to have David Elefant for this month’s edition of the _TALKS series with ‘Growing Pains’. Elefant’s experience ranges from telecommunications to construction supplies and with 15 years of business consulting experience, he is the go-to guy for queries on how to hire, fire, set the right employee benefits and taxation system, and other crucial topics on starting a business.

Drop by A SPACE _Gallery, Greenbelt on Wednesday April 08 for _TALKS: Growing Pains by David Elefant. The discussion will start at 7PM. You can RSVP at our Events page.