Filipina Women’s Network Launches First Leadership Book, DISRUPT

Delegates of the 11th Filipina Women’s Network Leadership Global Summit celebrated the launch of their first leadership book, DISRUPT at A SPACE Manila.

Filipina women is slowly starting to dominate the different sectors of the economy around the world. Most of these inspiring stories and achievements by Filipinas are overlooked. The Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) is putting the spotlight on these outstanding Filipinas with the release of ‘DISRUPT: FILIPINA WOMEN: PROUD. LOUD. LEADING WITHOUT DOUBT‘.

This is the first of a series of leadership books… everything that we do (in FWN) is to advance the Filipina women in the global workplace. There’s is no research that we know of about leadership competencies of Filipina women and so (this book) is the first attempt to document the leadership competencies of all of the Filipina women in the diaspora.

DISRUPT is a collection of stories and how they have influenced their community, their profession, their industry, and of course their workplace.

Marily Mondejar, CEO and Founder of the Filipina Women’s Network

The book was successfully launched through a mixer and an open panel discussion at A SPACE Manila Greenbelt Gallery last October 06. In attendance are some of the leaders who shared their inspiring stories in DISRUPT and other delegates of the 4-day FWN Leadership Global Summit.

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Here are some snaps from the book launch! There will be more in our Facebook album soon.


Update: Here’s the full album posted on our Facebook page!