The Story Behind Manila Burlesque

_STAGE: Dope Loco’s Eyes Wide Shut Manila Burlesque Show is a classic example of what happens when a variety of creative individuals end up in the right place at the right time.”


Photo from the first Burlesque Show held in _GALLERY last February 2016

(Photo from the first Burlesque Show held in _GALLERY last February 2016)

The story started with how Dyshaun Hines, founding member/co-producer & director of Burlesque, made his way to Manila. Dyshaun had worked as an independent event producer since mid-2003. After a few years, he left events and joined the U.S. Navy but eventually found himself itching for new experiences outside the U.S. to ‘reconnect himself’. Deciding that South East Asia would be his adventure spot, Dyshaun took to Google to figure out what destination had the best flight deal. And guess what? Out of all the places in this planet, the universe directed him to Manila, Philippines. And for some odd reason, he went for it.

Shortly after arriving in Manila, Dyshaun was contacted by a local aspiring model who requested for his photography services after seeing his portfolio online. Of course he agreed, leading him to cross-paths with another aspiring model who booked him for another photography gig, but this time, this is for an International Rope Bondage event. During practices for this event, within random conversation, one of the facilitators randomly mentioned that she was a big fan of Dita Von Tease but had never attended an actual burlesque show because they weren’t being produced here in the Philippines —Ironically enough, 3 years prior Dyshaun was introduced to Burlesque through it’s popularity in Philadelphia and had produced several events within the genre as side projects under his event production company DopeLoco — Upon, hearing that there were no events of it’s kind in the country; his natural response was to simply produce one — And so he did.

Over the next few months Dyshaun made it his mission to look for the perfect venue, however, all of the venues he asked turned him down. It wasn’t until one of the first performers to sign on, Joyen Santos — who had already established herself as the go to model/performer in the country — recommended A SPACE Philippines’s Gallery as an option. With a simple email intro, A SPACE happily said yes right away to give the newly formed Burlesque troupe a chance to show the country what Dope Loco’s Eyes Wide Shut Burlesque Show is all about!

Fast forward two months from that moment and countless practice sessions, _SCREEN: Dope Loco’s Eyes Wide Shut Burlesque Show found themselves performing to a sold out crowd of over 100 people with enough press coverage to make even an established celebrity envious. Good timing and a community of people who sees the same vision and work together towards a unified goal is what their story became a success. And we couldn’t be happier and prouder to be part of it. 🙂

Come on over and experience this unique show with us at A SPACE GALLERY on March 5, 2016, Saturday 8PM. For more information, check out this link. See ya!