PawnHero Wins E27 Top 100 Startups Philippine Qualifier Round!

A formidable solution to pawnshop woes wowed the judges at the E27 Top 100 Startups Country Qualifier round!

E27 Top 100 Startups program received 30 entries from the Philippines. From 30, 8 teams were selected and given the chance to pitch in front of the selected panel of judges at the A SPACE Manila _Gallery for the Country Qualifier round: CrowdNet, TalinoEV Systems (Phils) IncSecure Deals, Sustainable Alternative Lighting Corp., OptionQuant, FlipTrip.PH,, and PawnHero.

Everyone at A SPACE is super excited to have E27 here because it represents an opportunity for local startups to go Pan-Asian and I think any kind of great event that brings people together…all the startup guys all in one room is fantastic. So yeah, we’re very very excited.

Matt Morrison, A SPACE Manila Founder and CEO

It was a full house at our Greenbelt _Gallery with the more than 80 developers and startup enthusiasts who scored limited seats for the afternoon’s event. The first part of the program gave the floor to Altitude Games CEO Gabby Dizon and Salarium CEO and Founder Judah Hirsch. Tips on how to attract possible investors and how to deliver a good pitch were the topics discussed by the invited speakers respectively.

Altitude Games CEO Gabby Dizon sharing tips on how to attract investors. Salarium CEO and Founder Judah Hirsch sharing tips on how to deliver a good pitch.

E27 invited HUBBA Cofounder Amarit Charoenphan, IMJ Investment Partners Director Koichi SaitoFuture Now Ventures CEO + Principal Investor and Advisor John Orrock, and Innosight Ventures Partner Pete Bonee to be part of the panel of judges.

Panel of Judges from L-R: Amarit Charoenphan (HUBBA), Koichi Saito (KK Fund Pte), John Orrock (Future Now Ventures), and Pete Bonee (Innosight). HUBBA Co-Founder and CEO Amarit Charoenphan addresses the Echelon Asia Summit Country Qualifier round attendees.

I’m very excited to be in the Philippines. I’ve heard amazing stories about how there is such a strong development community. There’s a lot of interesting teams like Kalibrr, Anino, and PayLabs…a lot of these guys I have been hearing from the news. I want to be here in person to actually see the talent in my own eyes and get a sense of where the ecosystem is headed. I am very keen to know how the market is developing, what are some of the challenges and some of the exciting stuff people are building and what are the hot key sectors and I think we’re gonna have a kick-ass event and all the best to the teams.

Amarit Charoenphan, HUBBA Co-Founder and CEO   

Each of the teams were given 6 minutes to pitch. From the eight teams, a People’s Choice and the Judges’ Choice were selected. FlipTrip won People’s Choice while PawnHero emerged as victor. PawnHero took home a travel and accommodation package worth SGD$500, a TOP 100 Startups Pack worth SGD$1450, and the honor of representing the Philippines for the Echelon Asian Summit Top 100 Startups program on June 23 and 24!

Congratulations, PawnHero for bagging the top prize!

More snaps from the event below!