_KITCHEN: Food Photography 101

Taking a photo (or lots of them) of food before eating has been quite a fad in this era of Instagram and other forms of social media. But doing it professionally takes a lot of serious effort – from getting to know the kind of food you need to shoot, its texture and consistency, to the positioning the lights, getting the right angles and focal point, and even the use of props to spice up the set.

Last July 25, product and lifestyle photographer Michael Anthony Sagaran taught us the basics of food photography! He shared with us awesome (not to mention, inexpensive) hacks on how to capture your food in a more scrumptious way.

It was an intimate workshop setup in the A SPACE Greenbelt _KITCHEN that started with getting to know his students first, their passion for photography, and then moving on to discussing the first and foremost principles you need to consider if you plan on taking the path of the most mouth-watering form of photography.

Our budding food photographers got the chance to work on their own approach in shooting.

Photo by Stu Abancio

Photo by Raecen Dimacali

Photo by JP Monis

The fun part is the demo and application of all the basic tips, but nothing beats getting to eat the good food after haha.

Stay tuned for the next food photography classes we’re cooking up for you! Shoot us an email at [email protected] for more details.