A SPACE Cebu: Hackathon 101 Recap + What’s Next!

A SPACE Cebu held their first ever  _TALKS: Hackathon 101, Survival Guide to Angelhack Cebu  at our very own  _SCREENING last May 5, 2016. Now, on to bigger things  we can’t wait to tell you what we have in store for you, guys. Here’s a quick recap of what happened, plus a sneak-peek of what’s next!

It was a good first for everyone who joined the event. We had a good number of attendees who were either curious of what A SPACE Cebu is, or was there to genuinely know more about the upcoming AngelHack Cebu. Either way, we hope everyone got a good grasp of both.

People started coming in before 6pm, and eventually the number increased towards the night. While waiting for everyone to settle in, we got the chance to see Basti Artadi’s part at Pechakucha Night Manila Vol.6 live from the _GALLERY at A SPACE Greenbelt.

The event was moderated by our very own A SPACE Manila Community_RCKSTR, Micah Asistores. We started off with a very comprehensive talk from AngelHack Asia Pacific Regional Manager, Ian Chong –through a video call from Singapore.


Up next was Vince Elizaga, one of the team members who created JuiceBox, the winning app from last year’s AngelHack Manila. He got to share his memorable experience from the hackathon, and got to quickly demonstrate the app that won.

We wrapped up the talk after a bit of Q&A, as everyone was obviously getting excited to meet and socialize with the people around, over local craft beer and pizza –cause what’s an event without that, right?


Now, as promised, on to bigger and more exciting things! We are holding the first AngelHack Cebu at A SPACE Cebu on May 21-22, 2016. Registration is open til the day of the hackathon! So, what are you waiting for?

Angelhack 2016_

Register now at Angelhack Page, then RSVP at our Event Page, and get a chance to meet awesome people, and win cool prizes such as an exclusive invite to AngelHack’s HACKcelerator and Coworking Pass at A SPACE, among many others! We are looking forward to see you by then!

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