HackerNest happening at Cebu

Something new and exciting is happening at _SUGID, A SPACE Cebu, Crossroads this June 30, 2016! It involves free drinks, the chance to meet new people, and get to know your local tech community! Yeap, you heard that right!

HackerNest has been hosting Tech Socials around 27 cities and now we’re bringing it in Cebu for the first time! This is the perfect time for tech start-ups and enthusiasts to come together, connect and collaborate!

If you’re worried about jitters you get from meeting new people –no worries, this is going to be a chill, unpretentious and friendly tech social. Here’s a run through of the typical HackerNest tech social:

7:00pm: Folks arrive, grab drinks, socialize
8:00pm: Quick intro, thank sponsors , quick announcements
8:10pm: Back to chatting with interesting new friends
10:30pm: Go home exhausted from great conversations

If you’re wondering what HackerNest is –it’s a nonprofit organization and movement that builds local tech communities around the world. Know more about HackerNest here.

So, mark your calendars, meet people in-person, face-to-face, and feel what it’s like to be human again! You may RSVP yourself at our meetup page here,or our Facebook event page here, and help spread the word!
And one last thing – we have a strict no douche-bag policy! So bring only your awesome self and friends! See ya at A SPACE Cebu!