Reena Rae Launches Her First Solo Exhibit, ‘I AM SHE’


Beauty queen, U.N. Volunteer and artist, Reena Rae, hosts her first solo show at the A SPACE Greenbelt Gallery.


Sixteen different glimpses of women through the eyes of Reena Rae adorn the A SPACE Greenbelt Gallery for her first solo exhibit ‘I AM SHE‘. The exhibit was officially launched on Thursday, October 2 2014.

In every single woman, I find a little bit of myself in them no matter what they look like, what age they’re at… just a lot of difference in all of us women. But I always find some similarity and that’s why it is what it is. I get ideas from doodling, but what I do with the canvas, it honestly really just happens. It’s like I do not have a plan, but if I do have a plan and it doesn’t turn out the way I want, and it turns out better.

This is my first solo exhibit so I am really, really excited. People always want to know like how I paint and what I paint so this is their chance to see it.

From her own shadow, to her best friend, to her African mother, sharpies and layers of acrylic paint gave life to Reena Rae’s inspirations for each of her masterpieces. Four of the paintings are dedicated to Bring Back Our Girls, a movement dedicated finding justice to the 273 girls that were kidnapped in Nigeria on April. All of the proceeds from the four paintings will be donated to support the Bring Back Our Girls foundation.

Reena Rae’s ‘I AM SHE’ exhibit is open to y’all from 9AM to 5PM at the A SPACE Manila Greenbelt Gallery until November 05.

Check out photos from the I AM SHE opening night! There will be more in our Facebook album soon.