Inez Moro + Elly Giron’s ‘Through Lens And Layers’ Exhibit

8 masterpieces, 2 amazing visual artists, one awesome art exhibit!

Inez Moro is a familiar name to the independent music scene in Manila because of her eye-catching photos of different bands/artists like Wilderness and Eyedress to name a few. Eleanor Giron, or Elly, on the other hand, have been hosting exhibits for the past four years. The ‘THROUGH LENS AND LAYERS‘ exhibit is the photographer and the painter’s first collaboration. The exhibition present their specialties together (photography and painting) and see what visual, aesthetic, and narrative possibilities it may give birth to.

The two-woman show officially opened last January 21 2015 at the A SPACE _GALLERY featuring music performances by LUSTBASS, Similar Objects, and Like Animals.

Watch this short clip of Inez and Elly talk about the process and their inspiration behind their collaboration and some of the highlights from the opening night mixer!

The ‘THOUGH LENS AND LAYERS’ exhibit will run until February 15th at the A SPACE Manila _GALLERY, Greenbelt. The _GALLERY is open to y’all from Mondays to Saturdays, 9AM to 6PM!

Here are some snaps from the opening mixer! Full album will be uploaded on our Facebook page soon!