Bubbly and can pull all things & people together 😉

What do you do at A SPACE on a normal day? Monitoring team leaves, weekly admin briefs, capsule, or anything that I can help my team with 🙂

What is your favorite spot at A SPACE? Gravity chair corners! So I can have a good read or do a super quick snooze =P

What are three things still left on your bucket list? - Watch my fave broadway show (Hey, it's happening this Feb, got tickets already!) - Do a mother & daughter talent show - Skydiving

How do you recharge? - Listening to music, particularly Enya — that Celtic vibe!

If you ruled the world, what would you change on Day 1? Primarily, myself, before anything else. When I'm all set, then I can give my first best shot.

Who’s your superhero? Princess Diana, the unconventional type of Princess loved by millions around the world.

What’s your spirit animal? Sharks. Ready to attack one task down & so on...

Why do you need a raise? Shared ideas, contributions w/ great impact, hmmmmm... I need to ask my team lead about this first haha 🙂

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