Crowd Pleads An Encore To Basti Artadi’s ‘KALAT’

16 of Basti Artadi’s masterpieces made its debut on his first solo art exhibit, ‘KALAT’ at A SPACE _Gallery last May 20. And just like any other show, the crowd wants an encore.

Musician friends and fans of rock icon Basti Artadi gathered at the A SPACE _Gallery last May 20 to celebrate the opening night of ‘KALAT’. It was Artadi’s very first solo art exhibit — a very different offering that was likewise embraced by the people who supports his music. Iconic characters + personalities the artist grew up with like Clint Eastwood, Bob Dylan, the Silver Surfer, and Captain America are some of the notable images in the retrospective.

Attendees of the opening night mixer marveled on the artwork’s colors and the stories shared by Artadi while enjoying food and drinks provided by our friends from A’toda Madre. Of course, like any other show, fans are eager for an encore. Watch the clip below as the artist talks about the inspiration behind his paintings + what his next exhibit will be about!


Here are some photos from the opening night! The full album will be uploaded on our Facebook page in the coming days!

Basti Artadi’s ‘KALAT’ is open to y’all until June 22! Just drop by the A SPACE _Gallery from Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 6pm!