_ARTS: Through Lens and Layers on January 21

Brush strokes and light leaks collide in ‘Through Lens and Layers’ exhibit!

Through Lens And Layers is a a two-woman show featuring the collaborative work of painter Eleanor Giron and photographer Maria Inez Moro. The exhibition will be showcasing their specialties together (photography and painting) and see what visual, aesthetic, and narrative possibilities it may give birth to.

We see the world first through our eyes, and with various tools and media do we interpret what we see. This may be one of the closest ways for the viewer to get a glimpse into the psyche and perspective of the artists. For what is the use of art but to communicate? Our aim is to show the viewer the world through their eyes; through the collaboration of media, tools, and concepts.

– Inez Moro and Eleanor Giron

The exhibit opening mixer happens on Wednesday January 21 2015 at the A SPACE Gallery, Greenbelt. Program starts at 7PM with music by Similar Objects, LUSTBASS, and Like Animals.

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