Flying through July

We definitely spread our wings this July as we took a leap and dove head first in empowering ourselves and others. Check out what we’ve done this past month!

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_COLLAB: Unlocking Your Authentic Leadership with Kick Fire Kitchen

We had the first installment of Baking Purpose: A Leadership Series by Kick Fire Kitchen and it definitely put things in perspective. It was an introspective and honest look into our own personas, our life, and our future. How it’s important to check in with yourself and understand yourself to be able to figure out your own authentic leadership.

It was 3 hours of seemingly simple exercises to key in on what’s most important in leadership: knowing yourself.

HeForShe: Stand Together with Woman Create + ASPACE

Feminism is not just about forwarding a female agenda; it’s a human rights issue. This is where UN Women’s HeForShe campaign comes in. It’s dedicated to gender equality, but also recognizes the need to level the playing field for women through empowerment.

It was a gathering created by Woman, Create to keep the passion for gender equality burning, especially in a society that at times disregard it. A conversation began and it was a conversation that needed to be had. Bringing together icons of women empowerment, it was also a celebration of sisterhood and camaraderie, a safe place where you can be who you want to be.

_COLLAB: #DreamDareDo with Kick Fire Kitchen

As the name itself implies, it was a session all about gaining the confidence to take the first step and dare to make the dream come true. Dreams can be scary and allowing yourself to dream freely often comes with a caveat. We often resort to settling just because we don’t want to be disappointed. But Nina takes the opposite approach.

If there’s anything her experiences taught her, it’s that we shouldn’t be afraid to dream. Dream freely yes, but be sure you also work for your dream. We spent a lot of time visualizing our dream and piecing it together for our dreamboard, but we also took steps to turn those dreams into a reality.

Like what they say, what the world needs most are dreamers who do.

_COLLAB: Startup Grind with Innoven Capital

It was a different kind of Startup Grind as Stephanie Chin took our stage to share with us a few anecdotes about venture debts in the startup scene. She dispelled many myths about venture debts and showed concrete situations wherein venture debts can work for a startup, and not against it.

Panelists Nicole Paterno and Francis Simisim shared their two cents as well on their experience with venture debts and how it worked for them.


MakeSense Room: Waste Management in Cebu City

This month’s activity for MakeSense Room revolved around the State of Waste Management in Cebu City.

The speakers shed light on what our city does with its waste in all levels: households, corporations, and government.

We have invited a few speakers to represent each sector to join in a panel discussion to share their efforts on managing the waste generated within their zone of responsibility. After the panel discussion, a short Q and A session will be included to encourage the community to engage in conversation on how we can scale the discussed process for others who want to implement or improve it.

Click here for the fb video recap of the discussion.

Founders Friday: Pitchfest

It was the first ever Pitchfest, a startup pitching competition powered by hailing Only Note as the winner. Guess, we’ll be seeing more of Only Note for Geeks On A Beach.
It was also joined by other potentially good startups; Bloodplus, Hostelworld and Sportify.

_COLLAB: Startup Grind Cebu

This month’s Startup Grind Cebu featured Tina Amper, the founder and organizer of the upcoming Geeks on a Beach.

We had an insightful and inspirational fireside chat with Tina Amper. We all had a better picture of how it all began –, Geeks on a Beach and elevating the local tech + startup community. Pretty sure all of us took a dose of motivation from the Geek Goddess herself.

Stand Out by GBG

We got to hear and learn  from Francis Alturas as he shared about branding and  his brand discovery process. Everyone was hyped up as Francis led everyone to a brand discovery exercise.

WORKSHOP: Film Production Ethics + Best Practices

We had one of the best producers in the city, Jill Anoba-Yap of Above the Line Productions, spearhead an intimate workshop aiming to discuss what it means to be a professional filmmaker, the things you need to know to be a good producer and how to act like one on set.
We had a diverse small set of attendees who went home equipped with the necessary tools and practices to take their film production skills to the next level.