Looking into June

We couldn’t be happier with how we closed up the first half of 2017, filled with memorable + exhilarating events that are definitely going into our memory bank. Thanks for Tuning in this June when we made some creative magic + pooled together an exciting mix of artists yey for Fete de la Musique! ) and unplugged for you all.

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June 2, Creative Mornings: Serendipity

“But all the magic I have known, I’ve had to make myself.” – Shel Silverstein

Micah Lima is many things, but one of the things she holds dearly is being a ‘Lightworker’. She is a healer who uses mediums like Reiki + Tantra Yoga to create a path to spiritual and emotional healing. This is what makes her heart sing.

She shares with us that one life-changing opportunity to study Reiki deeper on an island in Palawan for days, and how that reaffirmed her calling. Having gone through her fair share of struggles beforehand, the timing couldn’t be any better and it turned out to be an experience she’ll always be grateful for. Now, she makes it her personal mission to be a light to others and help them find their own magic; to live a life filled with love and purpose.


June 14, _MIXER: Echelon Top 100

It was a gathering of who’s-who + innovative ideas as the local startup scene congregated in preparation for this year’s Echelon Asia conference. E27 brought in esteemed individuals from the regional startup community, individuals who were able to break through the noise and stand out from a saturated pool. We had April Cuenca from Tripkada, Phil Smithson of The Failure School, Russ Mangalen of Garuda Technologies, and Christopher Star of XS by XS, talk about their own experiences, challenges, and stories of growth.


Now all eyes are on #ECAsia2017 as they gather the best potential for this year’s conference, potentials that can turn into groundbreaking technology.


June 17, _ACOUSTIC: Fete de la Musique 2017

We had such a great time last June 17 that up to now we’re still getting flashes of all the awesome moments at the most random times. Songs are still stuck in our heads, we hum it at work, and there’s always a new moment from that day that makes its way to our conversations.
This year was all about turning down the volume of our ~mundane~ city life and turning the volume waaaay up for the love of local music. Did we achieve that? We’ve got our fingers crossed that you think so. We had artists of different backgrounds and sounds; soloists to duos to bands and all sorts of string instruments. We meant it when we said we had something for everyone.

Thank you to all of you for being part of the fourth year of _ACOUSTIC: Fete de la Musique and supporting local. Thank you to Custom Thread for our swag; Nipa Brew, Manskee’s Cupcakes, Chef’s Hat, and The Golden Duck Co for keeping us well fed.
Thank you to our talented local acts for sharing with us their art and to Cubism Family for being our partner in all of this. It keeps getting better and better every year, and it’s all for the love of music.
See you music aficionados at our next _ACOUSTIC events!


June 28, Startup Grind: Oliver Segovia

For Oliver, he attributes 90% of his success to chance. As the Founder of AVA Online Group, it took a lot of factors for the stars to align. Yes, there was hard work and skill involved, and he doesn’t scoff at it but he’s keenly aware of how chance opportunities propelled him to where he is now.

Even with stacked credentials and experiences under his belt, he didn’t realize he was ready to be a Founder until he was actually doing it. He believes that it’s different for everyone. There’s no ‘formula’ or a step-by-step manual on how to be successful. Learn from the people who failed, the people who had the same aspirations and strategies as the ones who succeeded but still failed. What was the difference? For him, it’s all about what you make of those chance opportunities, acknowledging it, and using it to your advantage.