Red Turnip Theater’s Unconventional Performance

Red Turnip Theater is showcasing its 0.5 series for the month of November at A SPACE _GALLERY presenting This is Our Youth.

This series is very interesting because they veer away from the usual theater set up with high ceilings, conventional theater seating and a big stage.

“We were looking for an unconventional space, we like it to be a little more intimate, A SPACE is the perfect venue for that. Whitespace has been our default venue but it is big and hollow and blank, but here – it is very colorful and creative. It’s cozier than the usual that’s why we call it the 0.5 series. It’s also something new to us.” – Cris Villonco

Cris of Red Turnip also stated that they wanted a different take of experience for the audience, make it more interactive. And something that will make them think after the show. For Red Turnip, it is more than entertainment, they are a theater company that likes to provoke, make you think not just entertain. For them it’s like “see it, live it”.

They are a group who are happy to challenge the convention and their own creativity to bring change for what we all think is the only way to do things.

THIS IS OUR YOUTH is a play by Kenneth Lonergan, directed by Topper Fabregas, catch their shows on November 6, 7, 8, 20, 21 and 22. Get your tickets at TicketWorld or Email [email protected] for more info.

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