What You Missed at #SexySummerSesh

A SPACE Philippines celebrated their quarterly _ACOUSTIC night with Radio Republic featuring Quest, Clara Benin, and Jensen from Jensen and the Flips last April 29, 2016 at _GALLERY. Here’s a quick recap of what happened last week at the _ACOUSTIC Night!

It was a sexy sexy summer sesh for everyone who attended. As for the artists, they sang their hearts out as always. It was such a fresh and soulful gathering, it’ll make you love OPM even more.

We started off with Jensen‘s set. He did an amazing job setting the mood right, catching everyone’s attention, and letting the summer night vibe flow with his cool and fresh rhythm.


And then we welcomed the sweet Clara Benin. She left everyone in awe after she serenaded us with a mixture of her old and new songs —this girl breeds pure acoustic OPM magic!


…and then Quest took the stage to further heights —the sexy sexy Quest. He was the last but definitely not the least artist, getting not just the attention of the audience, but also their willingness to participate and sing along. Then it gets better… Clara and Quest performed their song “No Greater Love” giving everyone goosebumps and eargasms.


“Cool space and amazing people” says Quest13178967_1135034869871631_2261141580091605901_n

This intimate listening set-up and feel has always been A SPACE’s format for all of the acoustic sessions done every three months. This is our way of showing support and celebrating local music. For you to have an even more awesome time, we set up simple rules during the event. What are these basic rules to remember? 1.) No photos/videos after the first song of every artist (but if artist welcomes it, go for it!). 2.) No one should enter the room during a song performance, enter in between sets only. — if you haven’t heard about this, now is your chance. For those who have, thank you for respecting our rules. Let’s help each other keep this flow and keep that intimate music experience alive. Keep on rockin’, guys!

this _ACOUSTIC session was a success and we can’t wait for the next one (Fete De La Musique!). Thank you for coming. We hope to catch you all again soon!

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