Techies Mingling and Internet of Things at HackerNest this February

We got big bowls of chips, cold beer, boxes and boxes of pizza, bean bags, chill vibes, and a lot of techy conversations. Wednesday night was a bit more alive than usual at our Makati event for HackerNest Manila Tech Socials (with IoT Summit Philippines). You local tech community dropped by – from junior techs, to content specialists, to big bosses, to senior devs, to techies at heart.  Everyone felt right at home at A SPACE Greenbelt.

Our partner for IoT Summit Philippines, Jobert Cadiz, kicked off the night and talked about Internet of Things and some of his notable projects.

Jobert Cadiz is one of the members who won in last 2016’s Summit Hackathon. He’s an engineering professor and is currently teaching tech college students from Pampanga. Early this year, he presented his Internet of Things research project during the Engineering Symposium last 2017.

But wait, what on earth is Internet of Things? It’s a concept where internet can be applied to everyday physical objects – from accessing the light switch through WIFI – to opening the door using your smartphones, and anything you can think of in daily routine. It’s a concept known globally, and in the Philippines, Jobert Cadiz together with his team, the SPCBA Core, were able to apply this complicated concept to a bank security project!  Jobert definitely made the audience realize the huge opportunities that different tech companies and startups can do with IoT strategies.

A big thanks to everyone who stayed to cap off the night! It was tough to head home with all that fun and extended convos on the Internet-among-other-Things. Can’t wait to see old & more new faces at the next HackerNest.

HackerNest hangover? Check out our FB Album event recap here.  Hope to see ya’ll soon again!

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