_PEOPLE: Tickled Media

The quirky bunch found home at the heart of Makati!

Tickled Media, an online publisher of parenting websites that originated from Singapore had been opening its doors to more moms in Asia. They are now visible in five different Asian countries. In 2014, they added another wing to their ever growing family and opened an office here in Manila to work closely and highlight Filipino moms.

The team of 8 who manages the AsianParent websites for Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines is composed Carla Perlas (Editor In Chief), Raisa Tan (Associate Editor), April Emperador (Regional Client Support), Jessie James Rafael (Front End Developer), Joma Cruz (Regional Client Support), Bea Corbilla (Community Manager), Leonard Lim III (Tech Support), and Leo Villanueva (Tech Support).

We’re a tight-knit close group. We treat each other as family, as friends, as close friends because that’s the culture of Tickled Media. It’s a startup company but it is also a multi-national company. We may be all Filipinos here but we are constantly skyping and communicating in gmail with our counterparts in Singapore, in Thailand, in Indonesia. Being in a startup company, we have to work fast and by working fast, we need each other’s help so even though we belong in certain departments it doesn’t mean that we’re just stuck doing stuff for that department. We may have our specific jobs but it doesn’t mean that we’re just stuck there. I mean it opens up a lot of opportunities for us actually kasi nga there’s growth. We learn to do what other people are doing.

Carla Perlas, Regional Editor In Chief for The Asian Parent

Raisa described their team dynamics as ‘very casual and democratic approach’ where work is all about the deliverables and not the usual 9-hour job. When asked if being a startup company help in having this kind of working environment, the whole team said ‘Yes’.

You know, the startup environment is really about the deliverables. It’s all about doing your job and delivering when needed. So it’s not like the typical or the traditional company. It’s not all the hours that you put in. It’s not about the hours, it’s all about achieving the goals.

Raisa Tan, Associate Editor In Chief for The Asian Parent

TheAsianParent.com just launched a Q&A community site for Asian moms called the The Asian Parent Groups. The community site currently has 3,000 registrations and getting 500 more signing up. Though the new community site is what keeping this closely-knit group busy, they find time to unwind and bond by having lunch-ins and enjoy the chill vibe of the A SPACE _Cafe.

[A SPACE Manila] fits our vibe. It’s very relaxing, it’s very dynamic. We are surrounded by like-minded companies. It’s all about the end goal, it’s not about the hours that you contribute, it’s all about hey you know let’s have fun while doing our job.

Watch out for more exciting updates from Tickled Media! Visit their website at http://tickledmedia.com!