Epy Quizon

Preview Screening of Unlucky Plaza at _GALLERY!

_SCREEN: Unlucky Plaza by one of Asia’s exciting new directors, Ken Kwek starring Epy Quizon. Happening this Saturday – April 16, 2016, 1PM at _GALLERY, A SPACE Greenbelt.

“A nail-biting multi-character thriller from one of Asia’s most exciting new directors (Toronto International Film Festival), UNLUCKY PLAZA stars Singapore stage veterans Adrian Pang and Judee Tan, and Filipino actor Epy Quizon (Heneral Luna) in a show-stopping performance as the beleaguered hostage-taker.” 

“When a chance to save his ailing diner goes belly up, Onassis Hernandez, an émigré and single-father living in affluent Singapore, is pushed over the edge. He takes a motley group of citizens hostage in a designer bungalow and publicizes his act on Youtube. As the police and international media descend on the crime scene and riots break out in in the city, an increasingly desperate Onassis forces the situation to a violent, heart-stopping conclusion.”

Don’t miss this advance and exclusive screening! Ticket rate is Php 300 – you may buy as you enter or BOOK TICKET NOW on the sidebar to secure your spot! RSVP on our _SCREENING: Unlucky Plaza Facebook Event Page to see who else is going. Also, subscribe to our _EVENTS by sharing your info on the side. Cool? See ya! 😉


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