Labs, Photography Jan 16

What is Photography _LABS?


It’s 2016, the perfect year to reinvent the coworking style in the country!

Coworking as you know it, is a shared workspace with like minded individuals where you can connect and collaborate. This year, we are introducing the “EXPERT COWORKING” or in A SPACE’S term, “_LABS”.

Expert Coworking always require at least one expert in the field where other professionals share a workspace, or in the sense of Photography _LABS, a studio _GALLERY.

Photographers are welcome to come in at any time between the alloted period to shoot different subjects in the space and consult other photographers on the day. A photographer may also bring in his/her own model as s/he pleased. A few stand ins to pose for a shot will also be there on the day.

Some accessories will also be available for your use and opportunities on discounts for our future partner vendors to accessorize you in your expertise!

So just bring yourself and your camera over at A SPACE on Sunday. If you share our FB event page on your timeline, you get a 10% discount on your coworking pass!

See you!