A SPACE Cebu is hiring

We love Cebu and pretty soon our awesome new coworking hub will open in Banilad. We’d like you to consider joining our tribe.

We are recruiting for all of our teams, for roles based in Cebu. There might be a bit of travel to Manila, but our focus is all about Cebu City right now. You’ll find a bit of background on each team below and for information on the origins of our Cebu cowork project, click here.

First though, a bit about A SPACE – we are the Philippines leading cowork project. You can read more about A SPACE in the about section and check out the happenings on our busy social media accounts. If you’re not sure what coworking is, Google it or browse our site 🙂

Now, on to the teams. Everyone at A SPACE gets some great perks and opportunities, plus cash of course. Not only that, you’ll earn and receive all kinds of respect, we are often eating merienda together, plus we value professional and personal growth.

⇣ Community + Space (Programs, People, Operations)

Our Community team are people people. We interact a lot with other humans, smiling, problem solving, designing experiences. We connect with different local groups and we are always looking for something new and engaging to do for our community. We also manage the physical space, keep the coffee fresh, tidy up, and generally run a lovely day-to-day operation.

If you have program development experience, space management experience, deals and negotiation skills, or awesome organisation skills and a passion for start-ups, innovation, entrepreneurs – then you’ll have a head start.

⇣ Business (HR, Finance, Admin)

Our Business team are not boring, they are engineers for our ideas, with a focused eye for detail. We are always looking at ways to innovate how we run the business, look after our rockstar team, and provide value to our community.

If you have financial, administrative, human resources, legal or other related skills – then you’ll have a head start. Accredited lawyers, auditors, accountants – they will go to the top of the list.

⇣ Artisans (Design, Marketing, Writing, Web)

Our Artisans team are storytellers and makers. We encounter a bazillion stories and are always looking at ways to share them, build upon them and create new ways to inspire our communities.

If you have design skills (interiors, graphics, web), writing skills (media relations, blogging, technical reports), visual skills (photography, video, animation) – then you’ll have a head start.

⇣ Experience Crew (client service, hospitality)

Our Experience Crew treat everyone like a rockstar, and love spreading a positive attitude. They smile, they solve problems, they listen and develop ideas to make things happen at A SPACE. They share and support. 

If you have hospitality or smiling (proactive) customer service skills, or demonstrate awesome organisation skills and an eye for physical details – then you’ll have a head start.

⇣ IT + Technology

Our Tech team design systems, manage systems, and keep users at the heart of everything we do. We interact a lot with other humans, smiling, problem solving, hacking solutions, improving enterprise systems.

If you know networks, understand enterprise architecture, can hack positively to connect APIs with hardware or platforms – then you’ll have a head start.

⇣ Event Producers

Our Producers are always eventing – that’s like inventing ideas for awesome events. We work closely with smart minds to welcome them into A SPACE, solving production problems for creatives, or creating experiences for problem solvers.

If you have awesome organisation skills and passion for community, arts, music, talks, technology, food and lifestyle, or creative industries – then you’ll have a head start.