Are you a Programs Master?

Know your stuff + know how to share it?

We’re hiring an experienced programs developer and/or business training pro with a collaborative mindset and a passion for the innovation side of business (not the conventional). A SPACE is the Philippines’ leading cowork + collaboration project. We kinda rock.

You’ll take charge of our _ACADEMY and drive new program development, collaborate with everyone in the ecosystem, and ensure our participants faint with amazement at how valuable our programs actually are. I mean, seriously, if I knew continual learning was this useful I wouldn’t have stopped with the Degree.

You’ll have proven experience designing and/or leading training programs for smart small teams, plus have the aptitude to learn the skills you lack – fast. You’ll be hands on and a natural motivator. If you get this Manila-based gig you’ll be swapping a life of routine for a supercharged schedule of awesome.