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We Don't Do Gold Memberships

Everyone is a Rockstar to us, baby. The entrepreneurial eco-system thrives on diverse innovations from multiple sectors, and we are dedicated to their success.

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We believe that the innovation community (a global tribe of awesome) is a diverse, collaborative community who benefit from varied connections and cross-polination.  That’s why at ASPACE – even though we do have specialist spaces for specific needs – we purposefully curate our membership to include technology and lifestyle, creative and foodpreneurs, fast growing teams and freelancers, arts and business.

Everyone who passes through ASPACE is part of a single, thriving community of innovators; you’ll find out more as you browse this page.

⇣ Membership types

Membership for us is a way to describe how people participate in the community – it’s not something we necessarily sell. We don’t have a platinum level plastic card for example. 

Our Resident Members have usually taken workspace in our Club or their own Private HQ. Our Community Members are usually found in our Drop-in Lounge, or using our rockstar Meeting Rooms and Event Venues. Our Alumni Members were previously resident and now pop back for access to people or services or space.

⇣ Membership criteria

  1. Be awesome.
  2. Be innovative.
  3. Be sociable.

Easy, right?