Events at A SPACE, Juggling July 2016

June 2016 may be jampacked, but July 2016 is crazier! We’ll be juggling huge events all throughout the coming months. Stay tuned. 😉

RBSA_IG-web900For July event headlines, A Tribe proudly presents Philippine Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2016 Nationals happening on July 15, 2016 at our A SPACE Greenbelt.

A SPACE Philippines has been selected by the Rice Bowl Startup Awards as Country and Community Partner, as well as Regional Finals Partner — kinda like the Grammy Awards for Startups, no biggie. The Global Startup Awards + Rice Bowl Startup Awards will be hosting a series of regional events celebrating different startup achievements for 2016 – you’ll see more of this very soon.

A series of _WORKSHOPs with Republokal called HandiKrafts is scheduled this month, consisting of 3 different workshops done simultaneously in one day. To all you artsy fartsy, we hope to see you on July 16, 2016, also at A SPACE Greenbelt. This is part of Republokal + A SPACE’s movement to promote local brands, artists, and products. We also have a _MIXER lined-up for you, hosted by the ladies of Business Professional Women organization. A meet and greet for striving women from all over the country at _KITCHEN.

We also got amazing _TALKS in the loop for July. We have Creative Mornings Makati. (Yup, they’re back.) For those who don’t know yet, Creative Mornings is usually done every last friday of the month at _GALLERY, it’s our awesome way to end the busy month, celebrating July with an interesting topic to discuss over a good cup of coffee.

We have another Startup Grind MNL session planned for our techies and founders, same time and same place, and of course with drinks.

We’ll keep you posted on all our gatherings for this month. But if you want to be updated on upcoming events at A SPACE click here to subscribe (you know the drill).