Events at A SPACE, August Adventures

It’s a month full of fresh ideas and collabs for A SPACE Philippines. This August, we’ll be launching our first ever _PASSPORT Program (more on this in a bit) and few other kinds of events. We’ve got really great events lined-up and we’d like for you to check them out. 


We have a lot of things coming up this month, for starters we have _TALKS with different community partners: Doodle Arts Enthusiasts, Business Professional Women, Creative Mornings Makati, Muni PH and MKS Room by Makesense, all tackling different topics and sharing interesting stories based on their experiences. We also have _EXHIBIT, themed and curated also by the Doodle Arts Enthusiasts team entitled “Deck of Doodles”; a collection of doodles by local curated artists. This is in celebration of their 2nd year celebration of #DoodleFest.  

From Manila, we fly off to A SPACE Cebu! For this month, we have a few very interesting gatherings for all you Cebuanos out there! _HACKATHON called U-Hac by Union Bank, Poetry in Potion by Reality Bad Poets, Kaya Co/mmunity Hangout and a _STAGE  called “Sa Atong Tunga: A Play By Play by Cornelio Faigao” – It’s been getting louder and crazier each month in _SUGID, the whole tribe couldn’t be any more hyped.

Now. the big news. A SPACE Philippines launches its first program for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses. The leading coworking project in the Philippines and a crossroads for the innovation community, A SPACE takes bolder steps in furthering the growth of the startup ecosystem in the Philippines.

FinTech, Financial TechnologyA SPACE launches _PASSPORT. The _PASSPORT Program will take a passionate, entrepreneurial mind on a journey towards innovation success. Aspiring entrepreneurs, teams, and businesses are invited to undertake “trips”. Each trip takes up to three months, and each trip gets progressively more sophisticated. At the end of each trip is a Destination. Each Destination becomes increasingly more valuable to the aspiring entrepreneur. With enough Trippers (participants), the ecosystem benefits from more start-ups, more talent, and more success. (f you’d like to know more about FinTech , please check out:

Cool right? Wait. There’s more. The first stopover will be this month. It will be at HackerNest Manila held at Palet Makati, featuring FinTech.  (If you’d like to know more about FinTech , please check out ). In line with this, we’re also hosting a _DEBATE for the first time EVER. The topic is FinTech Opportunities and we’ll be inviting speakers to represent their sides and share their beliefs about what they think of the developing Financial Technologies now.

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