_COLLAB: Birth of a New Warrior by Kristen Lafferty

On her first-ever exhibit, artist Kristen Lafferty is on a mission to heal. Coming out strong from a personal trauma, Kristen took to art to create a multi-sensory show that reflects her journey of pain and strength.

“I knew that I had to do something major to help repair my broken self after experiencing trauma. To do this, I turned to many forms of healing: shamanism, yoga, meditation, sound, voice and art. All things I had never done to become a me that I had never been. A me that anyone could become. A warrior.”

Witness Kristen’s rebirth as a Warrior. “Journey Through Healing – Birth of a New Warrior” opens at the _GALLERY on 19-20 August 2017 with panel discussions on rape + yoga + self-defense + sound healing. The exhibit stays on until 27 August. 


19 August // 6PM // Opening Night


Speak up; end rape. Help us raise awareness on the realities of rape and rape culture, and check in on where we’re at today and where we’re heading in the fight. We will be joined by our friends from the Philippine Women’s Commission and Catcalled in the Philippines. Kat Alano, herself a warrior, will moderate the discussions.

20 August // 10 AM to 5 PM // Warrior Fest

Warrior Mind: Yoga and Meditation // 10am-12nn // Carol Lafferty
Warrior Body: Self Defense Class // 1-3pm // Bubbles Bermudez
Warrior Soul: Sound Healing // 3-5 pm // Miqo Dionisio

Dress comfortably!

The exhibit is open to warriors and their loved ones, advocates, allies and everyone in between. See you at the _GALLERY!

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