_COLLAB: Collaboration Cocktail with Kick Fire Kitchen

On the third installment of Baking Purpose: A Leadership Series by Kick Fire Kitchen + ASPACE, it’s all about collaboration done on another level. Join us on August 9, 6:30PM at ASPACE Greenbelt to get a taste of what makes this one special.

In this unique and fiery Collaboration Cocktail—done in signature Kick Fire Kitchen x ASPACE-style—you’ll meet interesting people from a wide range of industries + generate fresh insights from a cross-pollination of ideas + enjoy great refreshments from our event partners*.

People who’ve attended our previous Collaboration Cocktails have told us, “I’ve never done that before.” Now, you will, and you’ll walk away with great ideas you can use for both work and life.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Take your inner extrovert out for a spin (even just for tonight!)
Bring LOTS of business cards
Bring a pen and some paper for some analog ideation

Be ready to try:
Creative collaboration
Radical ideation
Rapid prototyping

August 9 – 6:30PM – _GALLERY – P300 (with one free drink!)

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