_EXHIBIT : Cotton Candy

Haven’t we all considered someone as a sweet, tooth-ache-inducing, eye candy?

My work is devoted to all women in the world as I find them the most beautiful creatures. Nothing quite expresses my appreciation to the female body than by translating them in to vibrant art – blurring lines between innocent sweetness and sensuality.

Independent women, with various stories to tell, drive me to stay up and make a mess in my room – with paint splattered across walls and floor, I’ll have to stop my dog, Auriel, to walk all over the wet canvas. I have dedicated long hours to create worlds where my drawings can live and I invite you to come with me and explore each of them.

This series represents young women finding their true and inner selves to conquer fear with confidence. Most of us women are being held back by archaic systems of society that put sexuality in negative light. We may be confused, unassured, unconfident, but you know what? That’s okay. Finding ourselves is a complex journey – even I am still finding myself. But the important thing is that I am on my way.

My art shows the feminine energy while these young women are finding themselves. No one knows what the future holds, but I am encouraging everyone to chase, taste, relish, and celebrate youth.

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