_EXHIBIT: In Between You & Mi

Jemimah Dumawal opens her first solo exhibition

on June 1, 2018, Friday, at 6PM

“In Between You & Mi” is a multimedia, multi-sensory experience that explores the nuances of waiting. The exhibit takes the visitors to the moments in-between, the spaces in time that separates us from that (or whom) we are waiting for.

Everyone waits — for something, for someone, for nothing at all. We wait in lines, online, on hold, in vain. But as much as it is a universal activity, the experience is subjective. To some, it is a waste of time, a trigger for frustration and helplessness, a sense of being unprioritized. To others, it makes no dent; the longing is less painful when you fill your days with something else.

For Jemimah, it is a time to develop. In the same way that film is subjected to uncertainty and a painstaking process before it becomes a beautiful image, the artist looks at waiting as an opportunity to work on herself until she’s ready to receive. Waiting is not a sentence but a temporary settlement, and as the days pass by, without noticing, she is closer to the end and farther from the in-between.

FRIDAY 6PM | 1 JUNE 2018 | _GALLERY at ASPACE Greenbelt

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