_EXHIBIT: #PlanNoPlan

An Exhibit by Rafael Fuchs- Simon

#PlanNoPlan is a documentary photography and video installation combining a traditional photography exhibit with video compilations of social media style documentary “stories”. Social media has become a platform for adventurers and artists to share real-time storytelling and art. Rafael’s insatiable curiosity and love for adventures leads him on a quest for new experiences, authentic relationships, exploring the unexplored, and sharing with those watching through a screen. On Thursday, April 26.

The exhibit will contain 3 series of photos comprised of 6 to 10 photos each. A vertically oriented digital screen (TV or computer monitor) will be centered in the middle of each series. On each screen, a video narrative loop between 2 to 6 min long will provide context for each adjacent photo through Rafael’s unique voice: where the photo was taken, how the artist got there, what exactly was going on, etc. Rafael has compiled several stories into individual films. Each film can be seen in its entirety as well as to be picked up anywhere and enjoyed.

Although vertical photo display has been widely accepted since the birth of photography, vertical video formats are in their early stages. Critics argue that vertical video cannot be a winning format because there will never be movie theaters or home theaters with vertical screens. The human eye is better at scanning side to side rather than up and down. But recently people experience vertical screens constantly on their smartphones and the format therefore is particularly personal. #PlanNoPlan videos are vertical–oriented for smartphones–the most common way we currently view information in order to maximize screen coverage.


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5PM // Free of charge // _GALLERY at ASPACE Greenbelt

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