_EXHIBIT: Wilder

A Solo Exhibit by Kara Pangilinan

Opening night is on July 1, 2018, Sunday, at 4PM

Wilder is a collection that represents the emotional intensity of personal growth. The pieces featured in this exhibit are the end results of a long process of awakening, learning, healing, and moving forward. Through this new series of intricate artworks that are all nature-inspired and, of course, black and white, Kara shares her journey towards becoming a stronger, better, and braver version of herself – and hopefully, you’ll all feel a bit bolder when you see the wild animals on display!

Come and join us for her second solo exhibit on July 1, 2018 at the _GALLERY at ASPACE.

SUNDAY 4PM | 1 JULY 2018 | _GALLERY at ASPACE Greenbelt

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