_MIXER: Glug Creative Socials

Celebrating design, creativity, and artistry

Design Week, for nine editions now, has become a multi-faceted platform that brings together creative visionaries from diverse backgrounds and disciplines in a series of programs and events that celebrate design, creativity, and artistry. On Wednesday, April 18.

Positioning the Philippines as Asia’s design destination, DWP has become a national agenda that fosters connections between creative industry practitioners and design enthusiasts in an interactive sharing of knowledge, ideas, and trends.

In celebration of the 45th Design Consciousness Week, Design Week is set to bring us on board with its theme Map of the Philippine Creative Leadership Journey.

Glug Creative Socials will serve as an avenue for the creative community to unwind + network with like minded people to help them widen their horizons, talk about collaborations, and discuss the future of local creative community.

TALKS + MIXER: We will be inviting resource speakers from the creative industry to talk about the current theme.


Program Flow:

6:00pm-6:20pm: Registration
6:20pm-6:30pm: Opening Remarks and Introduction of Speakers
6:30-7:30pm: Quick / Brief Talks
7:45-8:00pm: Q&A
8:00pm-11:00pm: Networking


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6PM // P300 // _GALLERY at ASPACE Greenbelt

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