_TALKS: Creative Confessions

An avenue for young professionals, start-ups and college students who wish to succeed in the creative world, hearing stories from people who have earned their spot in the creative community.

Make Creative Confessions a part of your plans on the 22nd as we present three Creatives’ struggles, successes, sacrifices, vision and level of growth as they lay the foundations to their achievements in life.
Dialogues involve plagiarism at work, people taking credit of their work, professors who were impossible to please and those who intentionally fail you are some of the scenarios that our speakers will have to answer in this quarters’ Creative Confessions.


Program Flow:
6:00pm-6:20pm: Registration
6:20pm-6:30pm: Opening Remarks and Introduction of Speakers
6:30-7:45pm: Panel Discussion
7:45-8:00pm: Q&A
8:00pm-9:00pm: Networking

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