The independent Arts community in Manila + Cebu is dynamic, and thriving, even with fewer resources and often unfairly matched against the more mainstream and commercial.


You’ll meet curators, photographers, musicians, writers, artists of all disciplines, and performers with varied styles – at our events, at their events, and as Members of A SPACE.

In our experience...

The local Arts community participate, rain or shine, they are hosting events, performing, curating, sharing and often collaborating. Our centrally located arts space and continued support for this community means that we understand their needs and can support the desire to focus on quality, to increase the reach and enhance the messages. Again and again we see tremendous exhibits, focused workshops, and attend superb productions.

Most likely to...

1. Collaborate on or Produce amazing events at A SPACE and elsewhere, 2. Choose flexible Lounge coworking passes, 3. Be found in a studio or gallery, 4. Have two jobs